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CTE Robert Buxbaum,
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Join our team to get Dr. Buxbaum elected Water Resources Commissioner.

The animal is a Cebu, a sort of water buffalo. It's an abreviation for Committee to Elect Buxbaum.

"CEBÚ song" or "the song of the sewer".

Join the Interns, 'Kenzie and 'Shua

'Kenzie Kern (l) is our treasurer; 'Shua Sperka (r) is our all around helper. Join 'Kenzie and Shua as they set up events and take money. Learn the ropes. Some day you may want to run yourself, or run someone else's campagn. Looks great on a resume.

Work with Eric, our video- photographer

Help Eric Laus craft the visual aspects of our message. With a background in graphic design, web design, and photography, he's always open to news ideas and different approaches for improving a project.


Organize events and activities

Help organize fun, eco-senstivie activities. Get recognition and political experience. Volunteer and get your feet wet!

Be a ward-healer

Distribute cards and buttons about town. Meet folks, arrange to have me visit your community or school. I'll back you for precinct delegate next go-round. A great step up the greasy poll.

Join Willi and Mike, the eco-team

Willi Gutmann runs the red-run eco blog. He's a key advisor and member of our team.

Mike Gutow runs the Save Lake St. Clair group. Together we're trying to stop the regular dumping of sewage into the lake.

Help Raise Money

Money goes for signs and postcards. It takes $$$ to tell the world that Buxbaum should be Oakland's next water commissioner.